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Guts casino overview

A review of the online casino Guts 

The online Guts casino was created in 2013 and has since been operating under Maltese and British licenses. Today, the casino has a good reputation, but no higher than average. Due to its activity and interest in resolving disputes with clients, the institution has widely known on the internet.  In our todays article we'd try to give the guts casino review in full. Inaddition, in the event of conflicts, the casino is willing to apologize to the players and provide compensation for the inconvenience, without any consideration, who is right and who is guilty. 

Reputation of casino Guts 

Let's consider the most common complaints of players when the casino sends SMS with a bonus code to the first deposit, although the player has already deposited funds. However, after depositing funds with this code, the player for some reason does not receive the promised bonuses. Often, the casino Guts admits its mistake, apologizes and still gives the promised bonuses to the player. 

There was another case where the player roughly violated the conditions regarding the possible maximum bet while playing for bonuses. In this case, the casino has little right to cancel the player's account, but instead did otherwise he decided to return part of the bonuses that belonged to the player before he violated the playing field. This suggests Guts Casino's good attitude to its players. It gives players a second chance to continue to comply with the rules for using bonuses on the first deposit. But, unfortunately, soon the player again violated the same conditions, and only then the casino canceled its bonuses and score. 

There was another situation with a good end. Then there was a problem with the "James Win" game on the mobile device after receiving bonuses. The casino has reported technical malfunctions to game developers, and compensated players for inconvenience at 30. 

All these cases are good evidence that the casino is able to solve problems with players and appreciate each of them. Obviously, the casinounderstands the importance of maintaining excellent reputation, which helps it to hold high positions in different rankings. 

Cash withdrawal at casino Guts 

In the case of electronic wallets, withdrawal time is 24 hours, while in the case of other payment systems, the process can take up to 72 hours. Inthe financial plan, the casino is fairly stable, conditions are transparent and there are no restrictions on withdrawals. 

No Deposit Bonus Casino Guts 

Casino Guts does not offer any non-deposit bonus. Players can only receive welcome bonuses (their 4 types), as well as regular deposit bonuses, but only on certain days. When playing the bonus, some conditions must be taken into account. For example, after receiving a bonus, the player can not postpone the game "for later". It is possible and cancellation of bonus prizes, but only if the casino suspects you of fraud. This is not said in the game, but it's worth remembering. However, we have never found cases where players complained that their bonus winnings for any reason were canceled or "caught" by their abuse. Incidentally, bonuses are not available to everyone. Players from some countries can not getthem. To find out if you have access to bonuses, contact support, who will respond promptly to your questions at any time. 

We recommend playing casino Guts. You will appreciate its impeccable reputation, readiness to communicate and solve any problems. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised by a wide range of bonuses and a great site. During the review, we did not find any defect in the Gutscasino, except for the limitations of obtaining bonuses for players from some countries. 

Casino Guts Games 

Casino Guts offers a wide range of games, including classic and 3D slots, board games, video poker and games with a jackpot.

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  • Guts casino overview

    A review of the online casino Guts  The online Guts casino was created in 2013 and has since been operating under Maltese and British licenses. Today, the casino has a good reputation, but n...

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